Become an Outreach partner even if you do not wish to donate

I am inviting you to share with me the appreciation you have for Goddess Aphrodite by actively engaging you in becoming an outreach partner for our crowdfunding campaign about our new documentary project: APHORDITE WITHIN
Just go to and search for APHRODITE WITHIN

If you believe in this project, regardless if you make a donation or not, you can still help! Please download the A4 info-sheet of the film for free, so you can spread the word about this campaign. Become a messenger of the Great Goddess of Cyprus!
Print the info-sheet and post it at any public place, so that more people become aware of this unique production and can support our fundraising campaign.
Make use of your connections and send your family members, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances the information via Twitter, Facebook or email.
If you have a blog, upload the info-sheet on your site.
If you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + or any other social media platform, send the link out.
We love to build new connections and are extremely thankful for any contribution to this project!

Thank you for your support….

Stavros Papageorghiou,