New perk and continues enrichement of our IndieGoGO campaign!

In continuation to supporting and enriching our IndieGoGo campaign, for the documentary film “KYPRIS: THE APHRODITE OF CYPRUS REVEALED”, you can now contribute and choose from our various attractive perks, the newest perk available is perk “ISIS: APHRODITE”, for the amount of $35, where you can get a DVD of the documentary entitled “ENTELECHY” on a special price to support “KYPRIS: THE APHRODITE OF CYPRUS REVEALED” film. “ENTELECHY” deals with the archaeoastronomical attributes of the main temples of the Goddess Aphrodite located in Cyprus.

Also, watch the related trailer and photo, from our Gallery section at this link.

Stay tuned for more material in our Gallery, and continue supporting us in any way you can, in order to complete this huge and amazing project, this unique documentary.

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