Dear colleague,

You have completed your documentary, short film or feature film, with a great effort and personal sacrifice. You have worked countless hours with zero budget, not to mention that you have invested every single penny from your personal savings, in order to make your project a reality. And then suddenly you realize that you are unable to manage its marketing and distribution in an efficient way. Perhaps you thought about submitting it to a few festivals, believing that your great film will find a distributor who would believe in it. If you belong to the group of those filmmakers who know how to play well the game of how to access their films to the international market, and who are able to afford the expenses of their own campaign, e.g. to travel from festival to festival or film markets to find distribution for their film, then I am sure – considering your film would be a great one – your film would have chances to enter the international market and produce revenues as a reward for your great effort. But in case you do not belong to that category, then I suggest you read the rest of this email, written by me, a colleague who had been in the same shoes as you.

My name is Stavros Papageorghiou and I come from Cyprus. I am a filmmaker myself just like you. During my 30 + year career as a film director/ producer, I have realized how difficult it was to market abroad a film, especially if the filmmaker comes from a small country like mine, or if he/she lacks the appropriate contacts to access the markets. Therefore, I decided that the only way to break this “invisible” wall and manage to sell my own films to the international market, was to first learn the tricks of the game and become myself a sales agent and distributor, while being a film director/producer.
So in 2013, after I participated in a few specialized workshops for marketing & distribution, attended film markets such as Mipdoc and Miptv and Sunny side of the Docs, or even asked for advice from marketing experts and distributors, I set up my own distribution service to distribute my own films as well as the films of other colleagues from any other country, who are confronted with severe distribution problems in the international audiovisual market. As a sales agent my priority market areas for distribution are mainly two; the non-broadcast market- which includes the institutional market such as universities and libraries, VOD etc. – and the broadcast market.

So, in case you are in search of a distributor/sales agent who can really understand your sensitivities, possible difficulties and aspirations, I would like to invite you to examine the possibility to join forces with me and let my company TETRAKTYS FILMS to represent your film for worldwide distribution.

What is my business model?

Tetraktys Films distributes films of high technical standards that are informative, entertaining, creative and committed to a specific subject. We distribute worldwide to a network of universities and libraries as well as to broadcasters, IPTV stations and digital platforms.In order to be approved for distribution, a film has to meet Tetraktys Films General Submissions Criteria as described in our website. Before submitting it, please read through our list of required materials for evaluation purposes. Send us the requested material along with a DVD screener or if available a link to your film by email at with the attached documents. We will be happy to read from you and promise to contact you soon!

Distribution Deal

Tetraktys Films’ sharing model is a fair and equitable distribution of funds, while also meeting reporting and regulatory requirements. Revenue from sales is distributed at a rate of 50% for Tetraktys Films and 50% for the beneficiary. Tetraktys Films’ percentage includes marketing and distribution costs and we DO NOT charge filmmakers with “various distribution expenses or other hidden costs” like other distributors usually do. Moreover, 10% of it goes towards a special fund to support the development of future projects by member filmmakers.

A detailed statement on a film’s distribution process is issued on a biannual basis (June and December). At the same time a payment of the allocates’ share in sales revenue will be made via wire transfer directly to the bank account of the rights’ holder, as specified by the licensor (owner of the rights of the film).

We look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested on learning more about our distribution services, we can arrange a Skype meeting.
Download a printable list of these requirements in PDF