Cyprus Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Film Festival (AEI-CineFest) was founded by Tetraktys Films company in September 2018. The festival’s aim is to bring together the world’s attention on documentaries dealing with archaeology and cultural heritage subjects, explore the source of culture of Cyprus and of different civilizations and countries all over the world using camera lenses and promote mutual exchanges and learning. Inside, outside and around the man-carved caves at the “Skali” Cultural Center, in Aglanjia, documentary screenings, photographic exhibitions, music concerts and other cultural events take place during the five days of the AEI-CineFest film festival. The 2nd AEI – CineFest film festival will take place on the second week of September, 2019.

AEI-CineFest 2019 received the “EFFE Lavel 2019-2020”

The EFFE Label is Europe’s quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals showing their engagement in the field of the arts, community involvement and international openness.

Film Submissions are now open!

AEI Festival is now accepting submissions for screening at our 2nd annual archaeology and cultural film festival in September 2019. The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2019


The AEI CineFest aims  to become the catalyst to the development of the audiovisual production of the ethnographic and archaeological documentary genre, especially from emerging young filmmakers. Towards this strategy, last year we  initiated an educational activity. The Festival organisers together with the Network of UNESCO Schools in Cyprus  organised a  special workshop  where  50 high school students from five lyceums  which  belong to this network, they have been trained how to use camera equipment in order to produce five 10 min. archaeological and ethnographic documentaries which were screened at the 1st AEI-CineFest festival. The workshop project was so successful, that in 2019 we  decided to repeat the same workshop  but in a  much bigger scale as 13 high schools belonging to the UNESCO schools network requested to participate. So currently the Festival staff is training 150 high school students to become filmmakers and produce 14 X 10 min documentaries to be screened at the 2nd AEI-CineFest which will take place this coming September. We intent to  invite the high school students who will make these films to be present during the screenings and share their  own experience with the audience. The next step is to create an international network with other film festivals  around the planet, in which  each Festival will train young students how to make films and the films that will be made will  be screened in the festivals which will belong to this network.