Adventure of the Soul



“Adventure of the Soul” (ΠΕΡΙΠΕΤΕΙΑ ΨΥΧΗΣ) is a narrative short film that attempts to capture the essence of the famous myth of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” and portray it on the cinema screen, by the means of the cinematic language. A group of prisoners, chained within an underground cave, are bound to continuously watch the projection of the shadows of various objects held by conjurors that parade behind them. One of the puppeters, a female, decides to free one of the prisoners and to lead him for the first time to the surface of the Earth, so that he will experience the real world for the first time. A real world illuminated by the sun, contrary to the light of the fire that illuminates the cave. The scared prisoner is forced by the puppeteer to rise to the surface of the earth. His experience on this upper world is quite intense and scares him so much, that he wants to return to the cave. When he returns, he describes what he saw to the rest of the prisoners, though, they cannot conceive them, or rather, they do not believe him, since none of them had a taste of this experience before. Then, the prisoner sits back to his spot and holds his broken chains. Will he put them back on and continue his fate, or will he return, as a free man, to the real world, the real knowledge, the genuine light?

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    12 minutes
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