Fragments of a lost Palestine



Filmmaker Norma Marcos has both French and Palestinian passports, yet finds herself a citizen of nowhere. Denied entry to Palestine by the Israeli authorities, she is unable to visit her ailing mother, and spends much of her time on the phone being given the runaround by civil servants. When she is finally allowed home to visit, she is keen to show her friend Stefan how normal people try to live normal lives outside of the occupation, and that there is a vibrant side of Palestine that exists outside of grim reports of violence and war. “They never talk about the beer festivals”, muses one friend, who, like Marcos, is tired of world which sees Palestine as nothing but a land of conflict. In a wide ranging essay, through a series of conversations with friends, family and strangers, Marcos demonstrates that despite the inescapably tense political environment, life goes on.

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    74 minutes
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