Pottery Poetry



The film presents the whole procedure of mining, selecting and elaborating the unique clay of Aigina. It continues by showing in every detail, its transformation in to ceramic objects of high durability with unique properties and exquisite plastic beauty. The two last traditional pottery makers of Aigina gladly accepted to present the ways and their job’s secrets, in order to create a visual documentation for future generations, since their art is unfortunately not taught anymore. Without it being an educational film, the documentary “Pottery Poetry” approaches this magical procedure in awe. Through their creations, the poetry of creativity from mud emerges, filled with symbolisms and references to the clear relationship of the artists with the island’s environment, where they live and create unique forms and shapes which endure through time. How long will these last traditional pottery makers continue to be creative in such a difficult, archetypal artistic work, were all happens with clear eyes, with the hands, the soil, the wood and the fire?

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    47 minutes
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