SHO QOSTAK Part I (What’s your story)



Jamal, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, meets five young Israelis with different ideological perspectives. Through conversations about different topics, they define their identity and express how they see themselves, and how everyone finds the logic of their own narrative. Furthermore, they explore their identities at a level deeper than the simplistic image of the Israeli as an executioner, and attempt to find the person within the political persona. From this point their discussion moves to ways of creating space for the “other” to exist-without delegitimizing their own existence. Eventually, the focus shifts once more and rests on the ultimate question: How can we imagine/ picture a different Israel? From this point onward the focus begins to shift more heavily towards the issue of fear, living in fear and feeling trapped in it. As a result of the human instinct to survive and live well the need to resolve these fears arises – not so much because of a shift in political views. The question of the hour becomes one of allowing a place for “the other” without giving up your own existence.

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    55 minutes
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