Telemachos Kanthos (Τηλέμαχος Κάνθος)



…”I live and create in the place I exist. In that way, painting is part of my life”…
…”I believe the arts are like love. If you provide them with love, they give more love back to you and the others”…

All the above are some of the words of Cypriot painter Telemachos Kanthos, the father of painting and engraving in Cyprus in the 20th century. This is his confession in the documentary with the same title.
The rare film clips of the artist, who passed away in 1993, the narration by his family members, his friends and the people who experienced him in the different times of his life, the presentation of his best work from the time he was five, up to the time of the last unsigned painting before his death, as well as the reconstruction of some scenes by the director Paschalis Papapetrou, beautifully create the portrait of Telemachos Kanthos on film kanvas

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    72 minutes
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