The Fight / La lluita



Statement by Gustavo Visozo, director of the film.

I was following with my camera my friend Mireya. Mireya is an activist, a leader of the 15M revolution in Barcelona. But when I was following Mireya, like sometimes happens, death cross the road, someone dies in the hands of the police. The people ask for justice, Mireya is one of them, starts the fight.

Statement by Mireya-Beryl Segalés Ashley, the main character of the film.
I am Mireya-Beryl Segalés Ashley, I´m 38, from Barcelona. I´m mother of a 10 year old girl, her name is Elena. I live a precarious life based in the creation of solidarity and the power of resistance. Three years have passed since my last stable job. I haven´t got the right to receive more benefit, the 2 years top ended, the state says. I survive thanks to small jobs that cover my minimum expenses: a roof, food, my daughter´s school, tabacco and coffe. When work doesn´t appear, people help me out because they are conscious of the social work I´m doing.
Everything started the 15 of May of the year 2011. I am just one more of the people that think that the real work that we´ve all got to do now, is to get together and build a human collective based in the creation of new ways of social relation. This is the end of a horrible capitalism that has produced economical and emotional misery. It´s time for a new thing,
a new world of respect and prosperity for all. It´s not an utopia, we´re working on it but nobody said it would be easy. Actually, in Barcelona, there´s plenty of us that give the force and the time to
social street justice. We organise assemblies, manifestations, we stop authorities from sacking families out of their houses, we fight for a accessible public health for all, for a non limited education, we fight against fascism, racism and patriarchy. We fight the system by trying to live another way, and we practice with our own lifes. Trust and freedom are our friends. We put our heart and our body in every local space where there´s injustice and we think that it can have a world-wide effect. “It all starts home”, is said. Nowadays, I am receiving the biggest satisfactions of my life, seeing clear and
sharing information of hidden truth and giving it out to the street, going against lie and manipulation, against corruption, repression and institutional violence, and feeling the unity between us, with no fear…the Unity. Elena, my daughter, is a constant light that feels me up with love and understands my way and wants to share. She´s for me, like a flower emerging between the concrete, she´s the wind, the water, earth and fire, she´s the person that makes me re-birth, constantly. She´s unstoppable, sincere, rebel, happy and wise and “she hasn´t got a single hair in her tongue” (this is what
we say here to define the person that says what she thinks). Where she goes, people love her. Like Serrat sang, a catalan author: “My Elena”, although I´ve got no sense of property.

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