The Fire Within



“On a piece of paper, thrown in the street, an artist creates something that can live eternally.”

I always believed and said to my students that “The Power of Art is that it can carry the talent of artist through the centuries…” With sorrow now I realize and feel the need to apologize and tell them that
¨Art can be more ephemeral and from himself the person…¨ extract from press conference he gave after the fire.

The painter’s workshop was a really priceless cultural treasure, with paintings of unique value, theatrical machetes, and hand scripts, infrequent collection of books, precious stones and photographs.
The loss for the painter, who lost the work of life, but also for us and the culture of our country, is enormous and cannot be measured.

The documentary begins from the fire that signals a new start for the painter. Through the interviews with him and the eyes of the persons who closely experienced the destruction and were next to him, we get know the person and artist Andreas Charalambous.

The documentary also includes shots from the workshop before the fire, shots from the retrospective exhibition of 35 year work, slides from paintings, unedited material of fire from the television stations with interviews, photographs of the burnt workshop and more.

Andreas Charalambous has dedicated himself to the art of Cyprus but also to the cultural and political happenings of our country. This film is a small token of what we can offer as clue of appreciation to the artist and what he represents.