The Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus)



In Greek mythology Gyps Fulvus (Griffon Vulture) are the servants of the Gods, carrying the souls of the dead in the endless universe. It is easy to see why the Ancient Greeks linked these huge birds to death since they’re indeed the undertakers of countryside, feeding on dead bodies. Despite their habits they have a majestic beauty. Historical records suggest that the Griffon Vulture, largest native bird, was once abundant on the island of Cyprus and could be found on all areas. However, more recently, the combination of food shortage and poisoned baits have marked a decrease in in their numbers. Thankfully, a small colony of Griffon Vulture numbering only about 15 birds survives on the high cliffs of Episkopi Bay, within the British Base area. The environment department’s work ensures that here at least the birds are safe.

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    30 minutes
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