Unwitnessed Memories



Eight people from the generation of the Cypriot Crisis, who were born after the war in 1974, recall memories of places where they never lived and talk about their personal experiences, hopes, fears and the life they dream of living. In UNWITNESSED MEMORIES, Athena Xenidou lets different youngsters explain what it means to live among the remnants of war. As in Germany, Ireland, South Africa and the Middle East, children in Cyprus grow up among monuments, memorial meetings and other memories of wars that they have not themselves experienced. Costas, for example, explains what it is like to be a child of one of the 1619 people who have been missing since the invasion of Turkey in 1974. Others come from families who were forced to leave their house in that year and have been unable to visit their birthplaces ever since.
For the first time, eight youngsters talk about their dreams, nightmares and desires with “reality bites” of their everyday lives. About a line of division, entrenched in their country by military force in 1974 — a line they dare not cross.

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    55 minutes
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