We share the same sea



Cyprus and Israel are not only two neighboring countries but also two countries that have common characteristics in terms of the reality that defines (and determines) the daily lives of their people.

These common characteristics are attributed through notions such as uncertainty, insecurity, death, conflict, dividing lines, paradox, contradictions and multiple interpretations of reality.
Perceptions that define the angle through which one realizes not only the reality around him/her, but also the meaning of life itself. How is it to grow up within dividing lines? How is it to grow up experiencing death and loss as part of the daily life? How is it growing up learning that paradox is part of life itself?

These questions arising from the realities of the two countries and their common characteristics are of particular interest when set to writers, to people that is, who try through their writing to give answers or to highlight other questions in order to broaden the horizons of thought and reflection of ours.

On this basis was born the idea to initiate a talk with five Cypriot (Antis Roditis, Maria Ioannou, Emilios Solomou, Panos Ioannides, Sofronis Sofroniou) and five Israeli writers,(Etgar Keret, Meir Shalev, Zeruya Shalev, Nir Baram, Alex Epstein) on these perceptions and on the common reality of the two countries. The interest is not focused at all on the political issue and problem the two countries face, but rather focuses on how this uncertainty, insecurity, paradox, the dividing line, loss, death, sharpen the gaze and the sensibility of people towards life itself.

With the implementation of a documentary film with Cypriot and Israeli writers, we will to understand what life means when one is born in a country where daily life pushes to look for answers and set questions from an early age.

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