Our Services

TETRAKTYS FILMS provides film management, production and post services to local and foreign producers and TV crews. Within its 25+ years productive existence, TETRAKTYS FILMS has offered its production services to a great number of local private organizations, semi-government and governmental organizations and departments as well as to international producers, TV stations and foreign organizations.

Crew services

Tetraktys Films can provide to interested foreign producers who intent to come to Cyprus for shooting their own audio-visual projects, local film crew services. We are networked with professional local film technicians who also speak the English language. For more information regarding this service, please contact Stavros Papageorghiou at tetraktys@cytanet.com.cy

Management services

Apart from crew services, Tetraktys Films is also in a position to provide to foreign producers, management services. Such as location scouting, local production management and line producing services. Based on our 25+ years working experience in the film industry, we can provide management services with proficiency and cost effectiveness. Our long experience and established network with the right people on the island, we can help you obtain the necessary filming permissions and reduce the red tape. For more information regarding our management services, please contact Stavros Papageorghiou at tetraktys@cytanet.com.cy

Consulting services

Tetraktys Films continues to hold the Cypriot record in the larger number of audiovisual projects that secured financial support from national funding bodies such as the Cyprus Film Advisory Committee, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation and local organisations as well as from the MEDIA development funding scheme for single projects. So, if you need assistance to prepare your own next proposal to submit it to any national funding body or to MEDIA sub programme of the CREATIVE EUROPE audiovisual programme, or you need consultation on the content or development, production and marketing strategy, just come to us. We will help you prepare a strong proposal that will have chances to obtain funding. For more information regarding this service, please contact Stavros Papageorghiou at tetraktys@cytanet.com.cy

Film marketing and distribution services

In addition to film productions, Tetraktys Films is also functions as a film sales agent and distribution company. We distribute content to TV channels, internet platforms, academic institutions and online video rental outlets interested in developing their viewers loyalty. If you have a documentary film and you want to distribute it world wide please read the acquisition policy and contact Stavros Papageorghiou at filmsales.tetraktys@cytanet.com.cy