About Us

Established in 1994 by producer/distributor Stavros Papageorgiou, TETRAKTYS FILMS is considered one of the most active companies in Cyprus in the audio-visual sector. As a world sales and distribution company, TETRAKTYS FILMS is dedicated to documentaries and fiction films. TETRAKTYS FILMS has become the home for talented filmmakers from Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, and from many other European countries as well as from other countries around the world.

The content of TETRAKTYS FILMS’ catalog is uniquely rich, culturally diverse and always entertaining, showcasing stories that are courageous, independent and distinctive. Let’s not forget that the world is populated by more than seven billion people, and each has a story waiting to be told. Seven billion stories and counting… and TETRAKTYS FILMS is proud to contribute in their dissemination.

Tetraktys is member of the following organisations

Creative team

Head of Productions & Sales

Stavros Papageorghiou is an established film producer/distributor in Cyprus. In November 1994, Stavros established his own independent production company: TETRAKTYS FILMS Ltd. The company became for Stavros the launching pad for producing quality audio-visual projects. Stavros Papageorghiou also acts as Executive Producer for co productions.

Cinematographer | Editor | Technical Advisor

Ektor Papageorgiou upon his graduation from the MET Film school in November 2012, has joined TETRAKTYS FILMS  on a full time basis as cinematographer/director of photography.  He also works as a digital video editor and provides technical support for the distribution division of the company.

Director | Editor | Camera woman

Leda Ayiomamiti studied Cinema at the Aristoteleio University in Greece. She honed her skills working freelance on various Cultural and Ethnographic short documentaries. She wants to document customs, people, traditions that define us in order to preserve it. She aspires to influence and help people with her work in the future.

Tetraktys films security officer

Ready to bark at every door bell, our adorable female dog  is a real Lady. Her mission is to keep the Tetraktys Films  production office secure. Her gentle and capricious manners offer everyone in the office- including our visiting clients – a warm feeling of security and affection. So, next time you pay a visit to Tetraktys office and you hear Lady barking behind the main entrance, please don’t be afraid.  Just get ready to give to Lady a very friendly greeting.  She enjoys it and  after  a few minutes  she will make you hold her in your lap..

Below are listed the names of national and international organizations and companies with which TETRAKTYS FILMS  has been collaborating over the past twenty years at various levels, from the development and production of audiovisual projects to the  distribution of  tv content in Cyprus and abroad.