SISTEMA CYPRUS, Changing Lives

Stavros Papageorghiou
Leda Ayiomamitis & Christos Ayiomamitis

Film Story

This is an engaging story about three immigrant children that live in the ghetto area of Faneromeni in Nicosia. Life is not easy, many barriers make the children stand out from the crowd. An idea is formed to create an EL Sistema orchestra in Cyprus. The children of the Faneromeni area are given the chance to take free classical music lessons, when they didn’t have the means to acquire an organ. Daina is a teenage immigrant girl from Greece who wants to learn the Violin. She and her parents have never been to a classical music concert. Goldwin is a teenage boy from Philippines who wants to learn the Cello. He has a strong sense of humour and loves to play football with his friends. Hamide is a teenage girl from Pakistan, sometimes she gets overwhelmed. She has difficulty blending in. She believes that music can help her be a better person. Through their eyes we will learn the Sistema Philosophy. Can music inspire social change?

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